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Long Battle Caused Financial Strain

My Story:

I have been working with people with disabilities since I was 14. I never felt well, but didn't know I was becoming disabled myself. I continued to work for over 20 years including volunteering with people in need. In December 2008, my health declined and I was forced to give up a job I loved, working with toddlers with disabilities.

There were many delays in processing my disability application. A friend that said he would help me since I could not longer take care of myself let me down. There were no doctors in my HMO familiar with my condition. The SSA doctor only spent five minutes with me and did not evaluate my disability at all. Out of desperation, I paid the one doctor in my state that understood my disability. Shortly after that I was approved for SSDI.

For the last 20 months, I have lived off a small temporary disability policy that expired in June 2009 and credit card loans. I tried applying for social services in the past, but was not able to do it on my own due to my health, and the workers were less then helpful. It was a juggling act, but it worked. I am slowly paying the loans with the help of my SSDI back pay, but it will take a long time to pay it off.

I will be thankful to have help with one mortgage payment while I get my financial life back in order. Once I have my business affairs in order, I hope to be able to find a way to improve my health and try to work a little more in the profession I loveā€¦and just maybe someday get off SSDI. My health has suffered even more from the stress of this situation, reducing my financial difficulties will enable me to focus on the future.

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