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Wife Now Disabled due to MS: House

My Story:


The situation is that the job market has killed our family. My wife is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, which has made her disabled recently due to seizures. I have been looking for work since 2009, but no one has given me a job offer as of yet. I have applied and been accepted to California State University in Vallejo to better my education and to be more competitive in the job market but I'm afraid that I will have to give that dream up due to the financial situation... Family comes first...

My wife was the only source of income and now she's lost her job and is now unable to drive due to doctor's orders regarding her disability. I'm really trying to get through a rough spot in our lives right now. We have a 2-year old daughter, which all we wanted to do is create a better life for her and now everything has gone south.

I have been very stressed out with not even a family member to speak to or even a friend to lend me an ear; also now my best friend and spouse needs my help and I cannot do anything. I do not want much in the world except to keep a roof over our heads and food stomachs. So if there's anyone out there who can help... please oblige.

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