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Accident At Work - Car Note

My Story:

Currently I'm the only one working in the household. I had an accident at work that caused me to be out of work for couple days; 2 weeks after this accident happened I found out I was pregnant and high risk. My doctor put me out of work for almost a week and I was still not feeling good but had to return to work because I'm the only one supporting the family at the moment, and all the time I was out of work was unpaid.

Unfortunately I miscarried last week, my husband is currently attending school full time, and has been unemployed for almost a year, this situation caused us to get behind on some of our bills, and that is the reason why we are asking for your help.

We are honest and hard working people and this situation caught us at a very bad moment, and any help will be greatly appreciated, we are working our best to get ahead and be successful in life, thanks for reading this.

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