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My Story:

We are a family of nine: me, my husband, his mom and our six kids. Our 4 year old has Autism and we just lost our home four weeks ago to fund his medical expenses. My husband was laid off from work and we thankfully found a home, but it was 1 hour and 45 minutes away from our house. The move to where we found a house took all of our money.

My husband has since found a part time job and we also live on my mother in law's social security. We should be able to pay our bills comfortably now. We were living in a big city and now we live in a rural community. It is a lot cheaper and the air is cleaner which is better for our son. However, his doctor is still in the city we moved from and we have to take him to therapy once a week.

We have fallen behind on our truck payment for the last three payments and they are threatening to take it if we don't get caught up. They want a full payment of three months and I can't afford to give them all of it. They are not willing to work with us on this matter as we had already applied for a hardship loan a few months ago when he got laid off.

Now that he has a job we should be okay, we just need to get caught up on that vehicle because to lose it would mean that he couldn't get to his job or get our son to his doctor's visits. We would really appreciate it if we could get help in getting this cleared up and we have faith that the Lord will provide some way. Please help if you can... Thank You.

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