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Desperate for Dental

My Story:

Before I became unemployed, my bills just kept piling up. I didn't have any medical or dental insurance and was avoiding going while I got caught up on other bills. I am currently unemployed and the things I have avoided have caught up to me.

I went for weeks in pain with a dental abscess that I could no longer avoid and had to have the tooth pulled due to a lack of income to afford a root canal. The dentist informed me that I needed significant more work done if I am going to keep several other teeth. Losing the one tooth was traumatic enough and now I try to not smile so that people don't think less of me when they see a huge gap in my smile. I have a hard enough time now feeling confident when I go to job interviews and I am afraid of what it would be like if I lost more teeth.

If I can get these dental problems corrected before they get any worse it would help me dramatically with being able to stay on top of my current responsibilities as well as be able to deal with interviewing for a job. I am desperately trying to keep my head above water, please help.

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