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Laid Off, Sick Wife, Utility Help

My Story:

I was laid off from my job and am drawing Unemployment Compensation. It is not very much. My wife has been sick with complications from diabetes and high blood pressure. It has been UNUSUALLY hot this summer, record breaking temperatures, and unfortunately, our utility bill reflects that. We have never had such a high bill, even in the coldest part of winter.

Due to some of my wife's symptoms, we must keep it as cool as possible. We live in an old home which we rent, so we use the a/c and lots of fans as well. We are in our 50's, I am job-hunting with some good prospects down the road, but at this exact moment, we are in a bad situation. We have managed on just my unemployment until now, however with our bill more than tripled, we are about to go under if we can't find some help somewhere.

Stressing about this huge bill has not been good for my wife, and I am very concerned about her. Please consider helping us. We have both helped others in the past and never expected to be needing help like this, but I pray it is a possibility.

I can't begin to explain what an impact and what a difference it would make in the lives of two people who are in a bad and sad situation right now. Thank you sincerely for your time

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