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Need Mortgage Help

My Story:

I am seeking mortgage assistance because in August of 2009, the engine in my car blew. I was faced with either purchasing another car or an engine. I opted to purchase the engine. At that time, I was also notified by my employer that I had to take a 1 week furlough without pay.

Also, I experienced a 2% reduction in pay. Not to mention, the engine I purchased was a bad one and I had to rent a car to get around in while my car was being worked on. During this time, regular bills were coming in and I began to fall behind and I was unable to catch up.

A few months ago, I began teaching online and the income from that is slowly coming in. In about a month, I should be in a better position financially, but now the mortgage company is threatening foreclosure and I need to take action now.

This assistance would be greatly appreciated and would be just what I need to get back on track. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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