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Rent Due

My Story:

First let me thank you for doing for those in need. I've never been the one in need; always the one everyone else comes to. This is extremely hard but... I am self-employed; have been for many years so my business is established. I do not have health insurance and have relied on my income to provide for emergency expenses should they arise.

I have a blood disorder (lab tests in documentation) that put me out of commission for about a month. I cannot afford to go to a hospital or to purchase insurance at the moment. The economy has taken a toll on my income. Having had this issue before I knew that I could bring my blood levels up enough with time to rest and to super induce myself with protein and iron. I am critically anemic and this episode (inability to concentrate; coughing; weakness; bruising; excessive sleeping) scared me to the point of actually listening to my body. Unfortunately business suffered.

I've never been late on any payments and this is the first time that a rent payment has ever gone unpaid. I'm sure that I will be able to make the payment up in time. However, the leasing company has only given me 5 days. Friendly sort they are.

Anyway, I don't want to drone on. There are other people in worse shape than I am so I understand if this isn't a priority. Help the most in need as that is what I would do. I just thank you for being there to listen. You do a great service and I hope to be doing the same again once past this hump. Best regards.

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