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Breast Cancer Survivor Needs Help

My Story:

My household consists of myself, my husband, my youngest daughter, and her two boys, ages 6 years and 22 months. My husband is retired and collecting early Social Security benefits. He retired early after having a triple-bypass operation. My daughter and her boys are staying with us while she attends college to make a better life for herself and her sons. She receives assistance, but not enough to live on her own right now, just enough for daily expenses and food for her children.

I was working part time at a local college until my breast cancer diagnosis in April of 2009. I had a mastectomy, and went through chemo and radiation treatments. In December of 2009, due to cutbacks in the school budget, I was laid-off from my job. I collected unemployment insurance until the middle of June, but was not allowed an extension because the bill was not passed by Congress at the time. Now I am waiting to hear if I am going to continue my benefits.

Due to all of this, my gas and electric bill has been adding up. I have been making payments, but not large enough to keep it from growing out of hand, and being warned of disconnection.

With the help from a generous donor from Modest Needs, that can be prevented, and make my balance easier to handle. Sort of giving me a clean slate. Once my finances are straightened out, I can continue with payments I can afford. It will give me great peace of mind and prevent much stress.

I am saying thank you in advance to anyone that might consider my plea for help. Thank you and God bless.

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