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Single Mom, Laid Off: Registration

My Story:

Hi, I am a single mom of three. My husband left a few months ago with no explanation, so I was left to care for three kids on my own. I worked for my former employer for five years and was just recently laid off on July 18.

I am currently on disability because I just gave birth to a daughter on July 28 and I am behind on bills. I really need help with my vehicle registration from last year and this year. They are now threatening wage garnishments or a lien. I need to get caught up this so that I can continue to look for work.

I've always believed God wont put more on you than He knows you can bear and I'm keeping the faith. It's so hard to stay strong. Please help me with registration costs. This is a temporary situation. I've always worked and I will be back on my feet soon. Thank you.

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