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Laid Off Librarian, Rent Assistance

My Story:

I was a Librarian at a charter school. I was laid-off June 22. I have been trying to look for a job, I've been on a few job interviews. I have a ten year old son with AD/HD who I love. This fall I will be going to college to receive a better education to get a better job with benefits. I fell behind on my rent this month I feel like I have failed the one person who looks up to me, my son.

I have never fallen behind in my rent before and it can be really stressful. I didn't know there were programs like this. When I get back on my feet, I would like to fund someone else in need because I know how it feels to not have anyone in your corner. I'm praying that my old job will take me back, but it's based on their enrollment. Thank you in advance and thanks for listening.

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