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Mom With Cancer: Car Repair Help

My Story:

I am a single mom of three, living with ovarian cancer. In March of 2009, I was diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer. I was given one to three years to live. I underwent surgery and traumatic chemotherapy only to gain remission for six months.

I am currently undergoing treatment again weekly, and experiencing difficulty with added expenses. I own one vehicle, which provides me transportation back and forth to Madison Wisconsin for my treatments. I was able to find a wonderful mechanic to repair my car for me with understanding of my situation.

Unfortunately I have been unable to make payments on my vehicle due to outstanding costs occurring from my illness. I have always worked and supported my family until chemotherapy disabled me from being the physical person I once was. Now I live with a very small amount of funds each month after paying all of my bills. I want to continue to thrive as best as I can to provide for my children and support them spiritually, physically and emotionally in the time remaining in my life.

I am grateful that my children and I have a strong faith in God and it reassures us that we will get through this and be strong in the end. God has been our strong hold and we have felt his undying love and support since my diagnosis.

It is often difficult for me to ask for help, as I have always tried to help others when in need. I just ask that you take a few moments to review and consider my application as it will help me to continue my needed treatments to prolong my life and possibly put me back into remission. Thank You and God Bless.

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