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Need Help with my Electric Bill

My Story:

I am normally on a monthly budget with my electric/gas provider and that was manageable and I had been paying it. Until the end of July, I have been really going through a lot. At the end of July, the budget billing ended. I now owe the difference from the budget payments and the actual usage all in one lump sum. My budget for this year has also gone up by almost $100.

I am asking for help in paying the lump sum as that will help a lot. The reason my bills have been high is that I have three children that have breathing issues in the heat. My youngest daughter has asthma and is on medication. She has to be out of the sun and heat. I keep the air conditioners running to keep her and the other two children from getting overheated, inducing an asthma attack. Two of my children require nebulizers. This is why I ask for your help with this matter. I would appreciate any help you might give. Thank you.

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