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Help With Knee Surgery Bill

My Story:

In 2003 I sold my home in the country to live closer to my ailing parents. Since that time I have assisted them in their daily lives with almost everything. In Feb and March of 2008 they both suffered strokes. In a paycut. In October of 2008 my Mother passed away. I basically now have two houses to keep up with as far as maintenance goes.

In November of 2009 I had knee surgery and luckily my insurance paid a huge amount of it. I have been paying payments to the Dr., the radiologist, and the Hospital. During this time my daughter had to have her wisdom teeth pulled. I now have a credit card debt for that expense.

Anyhow the bill I'm asking for help with is for the Surgery Center. They have turned me over to collections and the collection center is looking into garnishment. I live check to check with my mortgage and truck payment and utilities. I have no cable or internet bills. I will lose everything if they garnish my wages. I have sold anything I had to keep afloat since my job change. If I don't get help I fear Ill have to file for bankruptcy. Thank you for anything you can do.

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