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Work Closed Need Rent Help

My Story:

I'm a single mother with two daughters. I lost my job the third week of May. I've been diligently looking for work of any kind with no luck so far. The business I worked for was shut down for sheriff sale & by IRS for back taxes. The owner is filing bankruptcy. I'd worked for this company since 8/05. I was in a relationship with the owner from 10/04 until 11/09. The majority of the time I was employed there I didn't take a paycheck therefore I don't qualify for unemployment benefits.

We lived in the same household therefore the bills were taken care of by him. When I left his home this past November my daughters and I moved into my sisters with her family. I started looking for employment at that time. We lived there until 2/10. At that time my ex (the owner of the business) asked for me to come help at the restaurant and he would give me paychecks like other employees. I wanted my family to get back upon our feet therefore I took him up on his offer.

At that time I signed a years lease for a cute little house. He fronted the money for the rent, deposit and utility deposits. My girls and I painted, cleaned, gathered used furniture from family and friends and moved in for a new beginning. I continued to work. Since he advanced me money to get into our home I didn't receive paychecks for a while. I had a little money saved back from when we lived with him so it got us through with food and other expenses.

In April I started receiving bi-weekly paychecks but didn't cash them because I still had a little money left. Next thing I know I'm without a job and the few paychecks I did receive were no good. They came back on my account putting me in the negative and leaving me broke. Due to his filing the bankruptcy my attorney told me it would be a waste of time and money and I don't have to take him to court for the funds.

The trustee paid a portion on my rent in June but July is now past due leaving me owing. I applied for food help and was approved for July forward. That was a lifesaver. The trustee also paid a small amount on my gas bill and human services paid 50.00 on my electric. It's day by day for us at this time. We have love, hope, faith and our health so I foresee pulling through this mess stronger than we've ever been.

I've always been a hard worker even donating to united way, church charities and things like that. Once we're on our feet the three of us would love to be able to help someone else in need through either monetary donation or donating our time and any skill we may have. We appreciate any help we may get. Thank you for taking the time to read our story and for considering us for your grant.

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