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Breast Cancer Medical Bill

My Story:

On April Fools Day, my 38 year old wife found a lump on her right breast and our worst fears were realized when the diagnosis came back as breast cancer. Her treatments are more debilitating than we hoped and it is very stressful for our whole family as we cope with her sickness and the financial stress of the bills. I hope you never have to try explaining to a three year old daughter why her Mommy's hair is falling out and make her accept that it isn't going to happen to her.

In order to afford health insurance for our family of four we had to choose a plan with a high deductible of $6,000.00 so we could afford the premiums. We now have mountain of medical bills and a deductible that will reset in January before her treatment is finished, so we get to look forward to another large amount in medical bills for 2011. Thank you for your consideration.

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