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Need Emergency Rental Assistance

My Story:

My family and I desperately need assistance with our first month's rent. We signed an agreement to move into an apartment closer to my son's daycare in order to save money and now my spouse has become temporarily unemployed. We can't stay where we are because it's already been rented and we have signed a legal agreement with a new landlord. I am afraid if we do not get assistance we will be forced to live in a shelter which would confuse and devastate our little boy.

I have secure and steady employment and my salary is enough to pay the rent; we just don't have enough for deposit and the first month's rent. Unfortunately we do not have any family we can lean on during a crisis like this, so I am humbly asking for your assistance so that we can maintain a healthy environment for our wonderful little 3 year old. Thank you so kindly for reviewing my request.

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