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Hitch & Lift for My Wheelchair

My Story:

I am 42 years old and went through a divorce for the last two years. I have been through a lot financially and have had a lot of health problems. I have Multiple Sclerosis, which affects my balance and walking. I can walk a few yards and then my left leg quits working. I am limited to where I can go.

My mother drives me to all my doctors appointments. We have to try and find an available wheelchair when we get to where we are going. Most places do not have wheelchairs. I have a motorized wheelchair but no way to carry it with me.

I have been getting estimates to put a towing package put on my car. I would like help in getting a small trailer and a lift to help me become more mobile and transport my motorized wheelchair. I would appreciate any help. Please do no think that I am not trying my best to get through this.

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