Paid 08/10/2009
Independent Living Grant
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This person has left the following thank you note:

A heart felt thank you to all who contributed to my request to provide electricity for our home. With the wind generator we willl have electricity available through the night and on cloudy days; providing a safe environment for our one year old child and allowing me to work at night as she sleeps. This is a big step toward our family being self sufficient and reliant. Thank you for the support.

To Provide Electricity For Home

My Story:

I am writing for financial assistance for part of a project that will provide my family with electricity. Because the local utility power grid does not pass our property, potential connection fees alone are 10k plus, making renewable energy a superior choice.

Our home electricity project has been progressing since 2004, but was recently halted by my partner's recent unemployment. Our current solar power system leaves us in need of power at night and on cloudy days. The requested grant funding will provide energy for decades of safe child development and accelerated career development as I return to the workforce as a freelance grantwriter. I currently do not have enough power to work at night while my daughter sleeps or run all my office equipment on cloudy days.

I am requesting financial assistance to purchase a used wind generator to replenish our power during the night and winter months.

In order to keep the requested funds to a minimum, we will purchase a preowned Windmax-a4 as new units cost much more.

As of 2009-08-10, this application has been fully funded!

This request for help was funded at the recommendation and through the support of Modest Needs' donors.

Application Status Update: On 2009-08-10, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $650.52 to Windmax on behalf of this deserving individual.