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Hospitalized Infant: Mortgage Help

My Story:

Our three-week-old son was hospitalized with RSV. He was having a very hard time breathing and had to be put on oxygen. Since RSV is a virus (often deadly in infants), there is no treatment other than oxygen and suctioning out mucus. The problem with RSV is that it sends the mucus producing systems into overdrive. In an infant that young, the little airways are so small that they virtually drown in their own mucus.

On the third morning he was fighting for breath so hard, that they took an x-ray and found out that he had double pneumonia. They decided to airlift him to a larger hospital neonatal intensive care unit. When he got there, he actually quit breathing a couple of times. He was fighting for breath so hard, that his head would rock back and his stomach would fully distend. They were about to incubate him and put him on a respirator, when he turned the corner and started breathing easier (we had many people praying for him).

After that, he kept improving until he had been in the hospital for a week. He was finally discharged, and by the grace of God is home and doing well. The problem is, that I missed so much work I am unable to pay my mortgage payment. My wife is going to school full time, and we are just getting by, but we are hard workers and try to be as independent as possible. This is the first time we've asked for help for something of this magnitude.

If the kind people at modest needs can help us with the money we need to pay our house payment, we can go on without getting so far behind that we would not be able to catch up. This would probably result in foreclosure proceedings, and we've worked so hard to support our family. When my wife graduates, she will get a full time job as a dental assistant, and we will be able to breathe a little easier, but right now, there is no way we can come up with the April mortgage payment with all the work I missed while my wife and I were at the hospital taking turns staying awake every minute watching our son breathe so we wouldn't lose him.

God bless all of you for this wonderful service you provide for people like us who find themselves in a catastrophic situation.

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