Paid 04/01/2009
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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeI just cant believe how in the middle of the storm I can see so many people willing to share their umbrellas with me! Mr. Mason has been truly a God's sent. Modest needs has given me the belief that there are people out there who truly care for one another. I will wear my wig proudly because it is the closest from what my hair use to look like and more so because it came from caring people. I thank you so much from the very depths of my soul and everythinng that makes me ME! Thank you.

Breast Cancer Patient Needing Wig

My Story:

I have recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and will start chemotherapy on April 3. My oncologist says I will lose my hair for sure. This is not vanity but a sense of losing myself, my feminine side and my self-esteem.

I have looked at various wigs online and seems that the ones that are cheap look so fake and horrible. The real ones are costly but I will be on chemo a whole year and would love to wear one closer to my natural hair and closer to the real thing so I can face the world. Please help me hang on to parts of myself as I begin my fight against cancer. Thank you for your understanding and kindness.

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