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Two Major Surgeries In The Last Seven Months Have Left Me Unable To Pay My Rent

My Story:

I live with my 15 year-old-son in our home and support my family on my own. I work various jobs and am planning to return to school to complete my Masters Degree in social work.

In the last seven months I had the misfortune of having two major surgeries, which required 6 weeks of bed rest. I went in for what I thought was just pain, which turned into a serious condition causing me to need a hysterectomy. Due to the loss of income during that time, I cannot catch up with my rental payments. If I am not able to pay soon, my landlord will evict us. I recently began a new job, and am looking for more part-time work. Even with that extra income, I will not have enough time to save my family from getting evicted. This is why I am turning to Modest Needs and asking for assistance with my rental payment.

Paying off our June rent would allow my son and I to remain stable in our housing situation. We are currently in a good and safe neighborhood with a great school in the area. It would be great for my son to be able to stay in the same school, where he is in the band and has a lot of friends. I will forever be thankful for this assistance, and hope that this will pull me through the financial hole and I will be in a place where I will be able to give back to Modest Needs as a donor. Thank you.

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