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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeI just want to truly say thank you from the bottom of my heart. As the parent of an Autistic child everything is an uphill battle, especially since autism is not a covered for treatment under health insurance. Your generosity will help change not only my son's life but the life of our family for years to come. In Appreciation- Cherina

Autistism Dog for my Son

My Story:

I am the mother of a handsome little boy who has Autism. Let me tell you a little bit about my son. He is five and a half years old, and full of joy and energy. He was diagnosed with Autism on May 11th, 2008. That is a day that will forever be with me. The diagnosis was devastating, yet relieving; it was overwhelming, it was surreal, it was numbing. You see, at about the age of eighteen months, we knew my son was delayed, he did not speak, showed little affection or emotion, had inconsolable tantrums, meltdowns, could not look at me in the eye, and could not call me 'mommy.'

We began speech and physical therapy in hopes of getting him to age level. Six months passed and he still was not speaking and his meltdowns were just as bad as before. We finally decided that we would have his tested by the Alta California Regional Center and the Kaiser Permanente Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic. I hoped that autism would be ruled out and that there would be another explanation for his delays. When the team came back in and told us that it was Autism, that my son was right in the right-middle of the spectrum moderate to severe, I was shocked, demoralized and devastated, I blamed myself, I was his mother so I had to be the reason.

I think time froze after that. The following days were a blur. I came up with reasons why the diagnosis couldn't be possible, but eventually gave in to reality. This was not my fault and it was time to work to get my boy, my baby every advantage and all of the help that was within my ability.

Since that time, I have learned a great deal. My son has been enrolled in school that is phenomenal, The Kendall School, they treats autism spectrum children with proven and intensive 1 to 1 ABA intervention. Additionally, one of the greatest and most promising things that I have found in my searching of treatments and therapies are the power, safety and benefits of Autism Service Dogs. Currently, we cannot let my son go for even a second because he will run from us, putting him and his siblings in very threatening positions.

Last month my son jumped from a second story balcony while I took a moment to use the restroom. A service dog would allow me a second layer of defense and for my son so much more; the ability to have more freedom when we are in public by having my son tethered to the dog and being able to walk with the dog. A service dog would also be able to track and retrieve my son if the worst were to happen and he were to get away from us, comfort him when he is upset or having a meltdown, interrupt his stemming and self injurious behaviors and keep him from dangerous activities and negative behaviors. It would give me another set of eyes to keep my son safe, eyes that could save his life. My son loves animals and bonds with them so well. I would love for his to have an Autism Service Dog that could give his the love and comfort that he doesn't seek from us as much as from animals.

Generally, I am able to cover all of my bills, I am a teacher and I spend my life helping others, but at this moment I am the one who needs assistance. Recently, my son jumped from the second story required me to stay home significantly cutting my pay. The autism dog HAS prescribed the services of an autism service dog; this is a medical and safety necessity for my son. The waiting list is years long, now that he finally has a dog in training named he has several pictures of her and has named her Blu we can not miss the payment that was used for other immediate bills in order to keep the light and heating on. Please help us. This will not only help us get through, but change my son's life and his quality of life and it will do the same for our entire family because autism effects a family not only a child.

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