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Help Us Claim a New $200,000.00 Matching Grant!

Dear Friends,

Late last week, Modest Needs received some fantastic news. At a time when we are fielding more requests for help than we've ever seen in our seven year history, a private foundation that loves the work we're doing together has offered Modest Needs a new matching grant!

The value of that grant? Up to $200,000.00 in new funding, and at a time when Modest Needs and our applicants have never needed the support quite as much as we do right now.

But there's a catch: like all foundations, this foundation is intent on making the most of its money during this difficult economic time. So in order to claim any of this $200,000.00, we must first raise at least $100,000.00 from individual donors who support Modest Needs. And we have until 30 June 2009 to do it.

This is a goal that we can certainly reach together. In December 2008 alone, individual donors gave more than $250,000.00 to Modest Needs. Raising $100,000.00 from individual donors is no small task - but it is totally doable, provided we all work together, just as we always have in the past.

But one thing is for certain: we cannot reach this goal in time without your help. And I know you'll agree with me that it wouldn't make much sense for us to leave $200,000.00 in new grant funding unclaimed at a time when so many people genuinely need our help.

So today, I'm asking you to please help us claim this tremendous matching grant in full by making the tax-deductible one-time contribution or pledge of your choice using our online donation form. The whole process will take you less than two minutes, and you can rest easy knowing that, at Modest Needs, your personal information is protected by Bank of America and Authorize.net - the leaders in online security.

Of course, if you want to help us reach this all-important goal but would rather send a check, you certainly can do so. Our mailing address is right here.

And if you wanted to share this information with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, or any other social networking tool, including your blog (if you have one) - well, we really could use all the help we could get spreading the word about this very important new challenge grant.

Right now, with such a very large amount of funding at stake, any help you'd be willing to offer really does have the power to make a world of difference, particularly to our applicants, and I'd like to thank you in advance for your kindness, your generosity, and your willingness to help us claim the full value of this extraordinary new matching grant.

If you have questions, please feel free to email me directly at the address listed below. I'll look forward to hearing from you soon. Until then, as always, take care, and be well!

My very best,

Dr. Keith P. Taylor
President / Executive Director
Modest Needs Foundation
kptaylor modestneeds.org