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Hurricane Relief: Modest Needs® Responds to Katrina

In response to Hurricane Katrina, the full force of enormous agencies like the American Red Cross and FEMA is now focused squarely on the disaster areas themselves. Thanks to these tremendous resources, relief is finally starting to arrive to the hardest hit areas - and the people who did not have the means to escape them.

All the same, there are many thousands of people who were able to leave New Orleans, Gulfport, Biloxi and other cities devastated by Katrina. These people are now spread throughout the United States and stranded for the duration.

In most cases, they are staying with friends, family or in hotels, often five or six to a room.

Because these people are now out of the disaster areas strictly speaking, Modest Needs has confirmed that there will be precious little direct assistance available to these people from larger, more conventional agencies.

Modest Needs has stepped in to fill this critical service gap by launching a special initiative designed to ease the financial burden placed on those persons who have opened their homes to friends, family members, and others displaced by Katrina.

We're also working directly with the survivors of Hurricane Katrina as they come to us seeking assistance with miscellaneous expenses for which immediate funding is not available elsewhere for example, help to afford the hotel room which is going to be their temporary home, and help with necessities like replacement clothing and food.

Even if you've already given to Hurricane Relief, please make a special one-time gift to Modest Needs in support of Katrina's survivors - and the families working to shelter them. Your gift to Modest Needs is completely tax deductible, and at Modest Needs, a FULL 100% of each gift made for this purpose will go directly to Katrina's refugees, and the persons who are helping to shelter them.

You can make a special gift of any size for this purpose in two minutes or less through our secure Online Donation Form, powered by Bank of America. You can also explore these other ways to give.

On behalf of our neighbors in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida whose lives have been disrupted by this catastrophic storm, thank you for giving as generously as you can.