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Imminent Loss of Housing
COVID-19 Essential Worker


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I'm the Dad of Two Amazing Kids. After Car Repairs & Losing Hours At Work, We Will Be Homeless!

My Story:

I am a married father of 2 energetic littles ones. My daughter just started 3rd grade and will be turning 9 in 2 months. My youngest will be 4 at the end of September. My daughter is our scientist, singer, baker, and princess, and our boy is a ball of fun who stays at home with my wife. My wife was a teacher before covid, but she stepped down to stay home with our son and tend to her grandfather who ended up passing in 2021.

For the past 5 years, I have been able to support my family without any problems. After covid, when I was deemed an essential worker, the rising costs of everything made things harder to juggle. My previous landlord asked us to end our lease, so we began the search to keep us from being homeless. I found housing, but we had to budget even more to make rent every month. We have a vehicle that recently needed a new battery, so we had to buy that, otherwise, I couldn't get to work. This knocked us off track, and it's been a struggle to regain my footing ever since, especially because my employer reduced my hours. Our landlord needs us to stay current on rent, and because we live paycheck to paycheck, I can't skip buying food to be able to pay the rent. It's just an endless cycle of barely making it. I have 3 people depending on me to make it through. I'm terrified my family being evicted and not having enough money to find other housing.

This is why I am asking for assistance with our rent. If we get evicted, it will be twice as hard to find housing again. I've worked really hard to get my credit up, so falling behind like this jeopardizes my future livelihood. My wife has a gap in her work history, so it won't be easy for her to return to work, even in her previous field. My kids need stability after the situation with our last landlord.

This act of kindness will make a significant impact on us. It would help prevent a family of four from going homeless. I can get back on track next month; I just need this one-time help. Personally, this assistance would help me maintain my purpose as a father and husband. I just need to show my family we are going to be okay.

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