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My Husband Lost His Job, & Now We're on the Brink of Losing Our Long-time Family Home! Please Help!

My Story:

My husband and I are parents of two adult sons. We love our sons so much, and they are truly the lights that make our world so bright. We have raised our two children in the house we are still living in. We worked hard to build a life here, and we're very determined to hold onto that hard work despite the hardships we face. In addition to our sons, we have two dogs that we have had for 10 years and who we love like our children. We enjoy spending time with our family and our dogs. When we have time to relax, we enjoy having family over and watching sports together. As far as work goes, I am a full-time caseworker for the department of human services in Pennsylvania. I help people every day with medical assistance and Food Stamps. While it is a very demanding and stressful job, it is also very rewarding, and I love the work that I do.

We are facing hardship right now after my husband lost his job in November. It was a shock and hard to accept because he enjoyed working for this company and because he finally found something he could do after years of trying to find his way. He was unable to collect unemployment benefits when he was let go of. Furthermore, because my husband has some disabilities, it took him longer to find a new job. Then, he had to take some time off from his job search when he got sick with COVID. We have exhausted all our savings and all other avenues we had to support us if we lost an income as a result of how long his gap in employment was. He has started a new job, but we are 3 months behind on our mortgage and are in serious danger of losing our home.

While we're fortunate to both be employed full-time again, we're in a really desperate situation where we're now facing foreclosure on the only home we've really ever known. Like I said, my husband and I raised a family here. We worked so hard for our home. Now, after a brief gap in employment, we're on the verge of losing decades of hard work. Please, we are very humbly asking for a much-needed hand-up with our mortgage. It would mean so much to my family, and it would preserve the years of hard work and dedication we put into building a home and a life for our family.

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