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Special Needs Children
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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeMy wife and I would like to send out a HUGE thank you from the bottom of our hearts to YOU who have donated to us! We are full of gratitude and so inspired by YOU--knowing there are great people out there that are willing to help others get through their hard times, is amazing! It helps us realize that we are not alone and that God uses people to help others at the times they need it most--it's honestly a beautiful thing. We want to continue the cycle and are looking forward to when we can return the favor and bless others in a similar way! We appreciate this more than you know! We weren't sure how we were ever going to be able to pay for this. Now we can focus on the much needed therapies that our son is getting and will get in the future. Thank you so much! Muchisimas gracias! - Jason & Saida

My Wife Needed Surgery, but We Can't Afford it While Our Special Needs Son is in Therapy!

My Story:

I am a married dad of two incredible little ones. My 4-year-old daughter is outgoing and loves to sing, dance and talk (in both Spanish & English). My 3-year-old son was recently diagnosed with Autism (level 2). We're learning what this means for him and how we can help the most. He is receiving several types of therapy. My beautiful wife occasionally works as a substitute teacher for the Dual Language Program (English & Spanish) in our local school system, but she doesn't get regular, consistent income. My wife is originally from Guatemala, and she is an excellent teacher and mother.

While we're thankful for the therapies our autistic son is able to receive, they have brought new expenses to our household, which make things tight financially. My wife recently had to undergo surgery at a local cancer care hospital after doctors found a high-risk mass. We've been barely scraping by financially, so we haven't been able to pay the bill. We're extremely grateful that she didn't end up having cancer, but she did have to undergo a hysterectomy and the removal of one ovary. I'm very humbly asking for assistance with the medical bill that we owe for my wife's surgery.

There are more medical bills, but the portion we're asking help for is the portion from the surgeons. We are in a pretty desperate position, a this portion of the bill has already been sent to collections since we haven't been able to pay it. We're hoping to pay it as soon as possible, so it doesn't adversely affect our credit score or our ability to one day get into a home that will fit our family that has grown over the last few years. With that in mind, we would be deeply appreciative of this assistance, and I promise that we will search for ways to pay the kindness we're shown forward in the near future.

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