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We Fled Abuse & Have Tried to Rebuild, but Medical Issues Are Getting in the Way! Please Help Us.

My Story:

I am a 36-year-old mom with a precious 10-year-old daughter. I have been in a marriage that turned abusive due to severe alcohol and drug abuse on the part of my spouse. I have a protective order that he constantly violated, terrifying me and my daughter. He was eventually jailed but bonded out. I have generated over $25,000 in legal fees just to get protective orders for myself and my daughter. I've also been trying to get a divorce, but I'm very afraid of the way my spouse will react. We're currently separated, but I'm still living in fear. This stress has caused me to suffer multiple kidney stones and has caused my daughter to suffer severe GI issues. I had no choice but to go to ER after I had passed one stone earlier but couldn't pass the second. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford this major medical expense, and I'm trying to get enough together to cover it, I have borrowed so much money to secure safety and stability for my daughter and me.

I work two jobs, but after paying legal fees to keep my daughter and I safe, I don't have enough to cover this major medical expense. If the bill gets sent to collections, then it will destroy my credit, lead to wage garnishments, and most importantly it could cause me to be denied access to care. My daughter is also struggling with medical issues, and I'm worried that it's going to continue to put us under a lot of financial stress. However, if we're able to cover this large medical bill that I incurred while sick with kidney stones, then we'll be in a much better position to deal with any medical expenses my daughter incurs. We're doing the best that we can to rebuild our lives after suffering years of abuse, and this support would put us one step closer to long-term stability. For that, I would like to say a very humble and very grateful 'thank you' to all of the kind people who assist us with this bill.

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