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After a String of Tragic Death in Our Family, We Desperately Need Help Keeping Our Home!

My Story:

I live with my partner, and we've been together for many years now. I am currently the sole provider for my partner and me. My partner is currently unable to work due to a decline in her health, but I work full-time and am continuing my education to be able to advance my career so I can provide a more stable financial future for us. However, a lot of our plans have been put on hold due to two different tragedies that we've experienced recently.

Recently, we both have experienced difficult and painful losses. My partner had to make the agonizing and tragic decision to take her daughter off of life support on October 13th. I have recently lost both of my grandparents, who played a major role in my upbringing and practically helped to raise me. My grandfather passed away on September 4th from pancreatic cancer, which he was diagnosed with on April 10th of this year. My grandmother who already had dementia/Alzheimer's declined rapidly after my grandfather's cancer diagnosis. She passed away on October 21st - a day that should have been celebrated, as it should have been my partner's daughter's 29th birthday.

Throughout the hardships that we've faced, my partner and I have missed a lot of work to grieve, attend funerals, and to make arrangements for our loved ones who have passed. All in all, we've missed multiple weeks' worth of wages and have struggled to keep up with our rent as a result. We have received a three day pay or quit notice and must pay rent plus the incurred late fee, but we don't have the means to on our own. Our property manager was already kind enough to delay this notice by a week, but if we are unable to pay, we face eviction and losing the roof over our head, which I have worked so hard and sacrificed so much to keep for us.

In an effort to keep our home, I'm very humbly asking for assistance with our rent. This support will give us the breathing room needed and will help us stay in our home and get through this difficult time. It will make a lasting impact on both of us and encourage me to continue the steps I have been taking to advance my career to better provide for us in the future. While we have faced much hardship, we remain hopeful and generous, so I promise that we will find a way to pay this forward when we have a chance.

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