Paid 11/27/2022
Special Needs Children
Imminent Loss of Vehicle
Misc. Expense

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This person has left the following thank you note:

My family can cannot begin to tell you how much you have helped us. We are extremely fateful and thankful for your help. These donations have taken a huge worry of the shoulders of myself and my husband. It allows us to continue to care for our furbaby and our son may not understand the magnitude of what happened but he is thrilled that his favorite cat will be able to stay with him!

Our Son's Best Friend is Very Sick. After Covering Vet Bills We Need Help Keeping Our Car!

My Story:

I am married, and we have a special needs child. He is 9 years old, and he is non-verbal autistic. While he has many challenges that he will face now and in the future, he is a wonderful, golden-hearted little boy who loves electronics. He also loves our family pets more than anything. We have three cats and a dog. My son's favorite cat is Bowser. It was the first of all their names that he learned, and so Bowser and him share a very special bond. As for myself and my husband, we work very hard to provide for our son. My husband works in construction, and I work from home, helping seniors sign up for Medicare.

Exactly one year ago, we lost our cat to cancer. Her name was Haley. She got very sick, and we almost went completely broke paying for her care. Now, one year later our youngest cat, Bowser, is extremely sick. He racked up thousands in vet bills in only two days, and the bills keep coming in. This has been devastating to our family, and especially to our autistic son who shares an extremely close bond with Bowser. We had to use our mortgage money this month to pay for just one of his bills. Unfortunately, his vets do not accept payment plans, and we did not qualify for care credit or any other financing. We're struggling with our bills as a result of this situation, and we're behind on our car payment currently. I'm worried our vehicle will be repossessed, so I'm very humbly asking for assistance with this bill.

I'm afraid that if we can't catch up soon, we'll lose our vehicle, and beyond that, I'm worried that all of our bills piling up could lead us into bankruptcy. To be straightforward, it feels like we're drowning, and our son is being put through the ringer because his best friend is so sick. No one wants to have to decide whether they can afford to keep their animal alive, but we're almost at the point where we have to make that decision. However, if we're able to get this assistance with our car payment, we won't have to make that impossible choice. We'll be able to keep our son's best friend healthy, and as a parent and a mother, I can't even begin to explain what that would mean to my family.

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