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A High-Risk Pregnancy Caused Me to Lose My Unborn Daughter. We're Struggling & Need Help Please.

My Story:

I am a single mother of a bright and beautiful 14-year-old daughter. She has amazed me every year in regard to her schooling because she has consistently gotten straight A's since kindergarten. She's now in high school, and she's thriving and excelling in her social life and with her schoolwork, respectively. I could never explain how proud I am of her, and throughout every step of the tragic hardship we're dealing with, she has been right by my side. I work a full-time job as a customer care agent, and I'm happy to work for a wonderful company alongside wonderful people. I enjoy helping people and definitely go above and beyond to make sure I am bringing positivity to all my customers. Truly, I really love what I do.

As I mentioned before, my daughter and I have been facing a very tragic and difficult hardship, the loss of my unborn daughter due to medical complications. This has been one of the most devastating moments in my life and it's still hard to process. I was pregnant and working normally, but now, it feels like overnight my life just drastically changed. I went from a normal pregnancy to a high risk pregnancy, and I got diagnosed with diabetes because I was pregnant. I ended up getting some type of rare disease that caused my body to want to shut down. I was in and out of the hospital almost every day. In the end, I was risking my life trying to carry my baby, and she couldn't fight anymore, so the doctors decided to save me. They had to remove her, and it is still hard to keep pushing forward. Since I was in and out of the hospital, I continuously had to miss work, but the bills didn't stop. I exhausted all my savings, and we even ended up losing our home and were forced to move out. I spent the last of my savings to move into a different apartment, but we lost the majority of the items in our home and have to start completely over.

After moving and using the last of my savings to do so, we're struggling to keep up with a lot of our bills. Right now, we're behind on our car payment and are at-risk of having our only vehicle repossessed. I need my car to get my daughter back and forth to school since we were forced to move. I am afraid I will lose my transportation and in turn my child's education will suffer. So for her sake, I would be truly humbled and grateful to receive assistance with our car payment. This support would get us back on track, and it would allow me to continue to rebuild so that we can finally find some stability after a very difficult year.

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