Funded 09/30/2022
Self-Sufficiency Grant
Medical Emergency
Urgent Health Care

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I'm Working Full-Time to Put Myself Through School! Please Help Me Cover a Medical Bill.

My Story:

I'm a student, and I'm currently in my senior year of college. I'm working very hard to get my degree, and I'm excited to be graduating early next year. In addition to being a student, I work full-time at a local hardware store in order to put myself through school. While it's difficult to balance working full-time with my schoolwork, I have always been able to stay on top of both.

Even though I work full-time and make enough to pay for my school expenses and regular bills, I still live paycheck to paycheck. That's been especially true lately, as gas prices and the general cost of living have gone up. It feels like I'm spending more and more to put gas in my tank every week just to get to work and my classes. Still, I was able to keep going until recently when I started having some medical issues. While I was able to work despite those medical issues, the bills that I incurred from the treatment and testing that I needed have proven difficult for me to handle on my own. I can't afford to sacrifice putting gas in my car or paying my tuition in order to cover this medical bill, but now, it's about to be sent to collections. I'm worried that it's going to severely damage my credit or even lead to my wages being garnished if that happens, so I'm very humbly asking for assistance with this medical bill.

Having this medical bill taken care of would be a huge blessing because it would allow me to continue to focus on my schoolwork and on my job without having to worry about my credit being ruined. With this help, I'll be able to look forward to starting my life after college with good credit and on solid footing, and for that, I would be forever grateful. Thank you to everyone in advance who lends me a hand with this medical bill.

As of 2022-09-30, this application has been fully funded!

This request for help was funded at the recommendation and through the support of Modest Needs' donors.