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My Wife & I Lost Our Jobs & Are In Danger Of Becoming Homeless! Please Help!

My Story:

I am a father of three, two sons and one daughter, and my wife and I are doing our best to raise them. One of our sons is disabled and requires special medications and care. The last few months have been very difficult for us, as my wife lost two of her brothers, both of whom were murdered just months apart from one another. In addition to those tragic losses, my wife and I have both lost our jobs on separate occasions. I lost mine earlier this year but managed to find another one fairly quickly, and my wife also lost hers earlier this year but was out of work for several months. All of these hardships caused us a lot of financial difficulties, but the most pressing issue we're dealing with is the fact that we're over a month behind on our rent.

The loss of both of our jobs caused us to fall behind on our rent, and even though we're working again, we're struggling to catch up. Last month, we received a pay or quit notice, and I'm really afraid that my family is going to be evicted in just a matter of weeks. We've reached out to local charities for assistance, but all of their funding has dried up, and now we're in a very desperate situation. So, I'm very humbly reaching out for assistance with getting caught up on our rent so that we can keep our home.

With both my wife and I starting new jobs, we'll be able to keep up with our bills, but without this assistance we'll lose our home. I can barely put into words what it would mean for to my family if we're able to get this help, but truly, receiving this help is something we would never forget. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone who lends us a hand up with our rent. I promise that we will find a way to help another family in need very soon.

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