Paid 11/11/2022
Imminent Loss of Housing
Temporary Loss of Income
Domestic Violence

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeI was recently laid off of my job and was also behind on rent due to a court appearance In another state. I applied for rental assistance hoping that someone would hear my cries for help. When I saw that my application was funded, I was soooo happy. I was able to tell my daughter that we will not be homeless for Christmas. Thank You 🙏. Thank You! You have made a difference in our lives.

After Fleeing Domestic Abuse, I Have to Attend a Court Date, but Doing So Could Cost Us Our Home!

My Story:

I am a single mother with a 13-year-old daughter at home. We recently moved to Oregon after fleeing domestic violence in California. Since then, we've faced a lot of hardship and have struggled to rebuild our lives. My daughter and I lived in a homeless shelter for a month until we were offered public housing. After finally finding a home, we are starting to thrive and are doing a lot better.

After fleeing domestic violence, my daughter and I are completely on our own as far as all of our bills go. I've done well managing all of our bills after finding full-time employment, but I didn't start working full-time until last year. I used all of the money that we had saved in order to cover the cost of moving when we fled the abusive situation we were in while living in California. While my job as a caseworker for the state of California pays enough for me to cover our rent and smaller bills, we still live paycheck to paycheck, so I haven't been able to rebuild our savings yet. I'm doing my best to anticipate any unexpected expenses we're going to face, and right now, I'm trying to save up enough to cover the cost of a hotel and travel expenses that I need to be able to attend a court date back in California. However, I haven't been able to save up enough to budget for that and the time that I'm going to have to take off of work to attend this mandatory court date. It's extremely important that my daughter and I both attend this court hearing, but I'm worried that doing so could cost us our home.

This court date is mandatory for my daughter and I to attend, but while I'm living paycheck to paycheck, attending it will mean having to sacrifice our rent in order to cover travel expenses. On top of that, I'll have to miss work, and my paycheck will be a lot shorter for this coming month. Falling behind on rent would be extremely difficult for me to catch up from, and I'm worried that it could cost us our home. My daughter and I have been homeless very recently and having to restart our lives again would be incredibly hard. With that said, we would be deeply appreciative of the assistance that we receive with covering our rent while we attend this court hearing, and I promise that I will find a way to repay the kindness we're shown.

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