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I Had to Sacrifice Our Rent to Repair Our Car. Please Help Us Keep Our Home!

My Story:

I'm the mother of one of the silliest girls you'd ever meet. She loves jokes and all things to do with animals. I'm raising her on my own as a single mother, and while that can be difficult, we usually manage to get by. We live at home with our Chiweenie, Dozer, who completes our family perfectly. We love to read and go swimming in the river when we have free time. I work full-time at our local Walmart, which just gets us by.

As a single mother, I've been completely unsupported by my daughter's father. In fact, he owes about 8 years' worth of past due child support payments. Without support and while relying on just my income, we live paycheck to paycheck and just barely are able to get by. When emergencies happen, we have a very hard time meeting them head on, so when our car broke down, I knew we would have a difficult time. In order to be proactive about our situation, I applied and was accepted by our local community action team for help with our rent, which was a huge blessing as my car needed urgent repairs. So, based on the assumption that I would be receiving the help as promised, I went ahead and paid for the repairs my vehicle needed. However, the community action team retracted their offer of assistance because they needed to assist other clients and basically ran out of money to assist my family. As a result, we've fallen behind on our rent now, and I'm very worried that we're going to be evicted soon.

We owe one month of back rent, and we need to be able to catch up very soon if we're going to keep our home. I'm doing my best to catch up, but we don't have room in our budget to cover two whole months of rent at once, and if we aren't caught up by the end of the year, then we'll lose our home. I'm very humbly asking for assistance with our rent because if we can get caught up, we'll be on top of our financial situation again, and we'll be able to remain self-sufficient for the foreseeable future. I would be so grateful for this assistance, and I promise to use this as an example for my daughter to follow. Thank you.

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