Paid 07/25/2022
Self-Sufficiency Grant

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I feel so blessed and fortunate to have found this resource that pairs people like my family and me with those willing to give. Everyone needs help in one way or another, and I believe that what the donors have given me and my family will be returned to them many times over. Thank you so much for your generosity. This grant was the help I needed to get me back on my feet and eliminates a lot of the worry I've felt over the last several weeks.

I'm a Single Mother Struggling to Keep Our Car After an Unexpected HVAC Repair!

My Story:

I am a single mother of a 16-year-old son and a 20-month-old English Bulldog. My son enjoys playing video games, basketball, and boxing. Our dog loves mealtime and napping. I work full-time for an HBCU as a Grant Accountant. In my free time, I enjoy watching stand-up comedy and playing Spades with friends in my free time.

This month, July, has been very difficult for me financially. On the 4th of July, the air conditioner in our home suddenly stopped working. Given that it was a holiday, I could not get a technician to diagnose the problem until the next day. After a hot night of sleep, I was able to contact a company to fix the problem, but it cost hundreds of dollars to fix. To make matters worse, my son's phone plan auto-renewed at an annual rate costing me another couple of hundred dollars. I get paid once per month and did not account for either of these expenses. I could handle one of them, but not both, and now I can't afford to keep up with our month to month car payment.

I have to have reliable transportation both for myself and my son since we both work (me full-time and him part-time). As a single mom, I feel very overwhelmed having to handle unexpected costs by myself, and it feels horrible to come up short. That's why I'm very humbly asking for this assistance with our car payment. This support would get us through this hardship unscathed, and we would be able to get current on all of our bills again without any issues. Most important of all, I can get back to providing for an supporting my family, and for that, I would be eternally grateful.

As of 2022-07-25, this application has been fully funded!

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Application Status Update: On 2022-07-29, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $494.64 to USAA Federal Savings Bank on behalf of this deserving individual.