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I'm a Single Mother Trying to Hold On to Our Home After I Lost My Job to COVID. Please Help!

My Story:

I'm a recently divorced, single mother, and I'm raising my 16-year-old daughter. She means the world to me, and she makes me so proud to be her mother. My daughter is very involved at school and is a part of the color guard, the cheerleading team, and the tennis team. While I'm exceptionally proud of the work that she does at school, I'm most proud of her for how involved she is with our community. For the last three years, I've been making meals for the needy in our community, and my daughter is always right there next to me helping me out with the prep and the cooking. In fact, she's the one who delivers the meals most of the time.

Lately, it's been difficult for my daughter and I to continue to provide meals for those in our community, as we are struggling to get by ourselves. I've worked in the restaurant industry for 28 years, and I was always able to get by until the pandemic came. I struggled when it first began, and recently, my employer finally had to close its doors, so I'm out of a job now. On top of that, I'm still trying to recover from the divorce I went through and from losing our home in that. After losing my job, I applied for unemployment, but I'm still waiting on a determination because the state of Virginia is still backlogged. As a result of not having any income, my car insurance has lapsed, so I can't legally drive my vehicle to search for work or go to job interviews. However, my most pressing concern is with our rent. I've paid what I can, but we're short on our rent, and I'm worried that we're going to end up homeless.

The last thing that I could bear is to be separated from my daughter. Losing our home would mean losing custody of her, and that's an unthinkable scenario for me. After being homeless once, I was able to find the stability that I needed to get her in my life and losing that stability and losing her would be hard to recover from. Not to mention, she has a life here now. All of her friends are here in Virginia, and she's doing well at her school here, so I want her to be able to graduate from high school here. If we're able to get this very generous help with our rent, then she'll be able to do that. We can keep our home, and I can keep pushing to find work again so that I can get back to what's most important, providing for my daughter.

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