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I Returned to Work After a Long Covid-Related Absence, but I Need Help Catching Up Please!

My Story:

I am a mom of two great kids, a 7-year-old girl and an 8-year-old boy. My daughter loves the arts, and she especially enjoys music, playing instruments, singing, dancing, and painting. My little big man, as I like to call him, is very active with soccer and all things outdoors. Both kids are avid readers and love to play with our pet cats. I work full-time in the emergency room of a local hospital, but right now I'm working part-time after transitioning back to work after a prolonged absence due to COVID complications. In addition to my job, I also volunteer as an EMT and firefighter with my town's fire department.

Now that I'm working again, we'll be able to cover our basic expenses from month to month, but we'll still be living paycheck to paycheck. Without anything leftover each month, it's going to be difficult to catch up on all of the bills that we fell behind on when I was out of work. As things stand, we're about to lose our phone and internet service, as well as our car insurance, which would greatly hamper my ability to provide and care for my family. I've been able to keep up with those bills since going back to work, but I haven't been able to get fully caught up, and now the creditors are demanding payment or else they'll shut our services off and cancel our insurance. I'm very humbly seeking assistance with those three bills so that we can keep our services on and our vehicle insured.

We are a resilient bunch and just want to feel like we are safe and stable again. As my health improves, I will be able to add more hours to my work schedule allowing for us to start saving again for potential emergencies in the future. However, I'm worried that if we lose our phone and internet services, I won't be able to keep in touch with my job to pick up more shifts. Losing our car insurance would have an even more severe impact on us, as I wouldn't be able to drive to work or get my children to school safely. With that said, we would be touched and very grateful to receive this assistance with or phone, internet, and car insurance bills. As a medical professional and volunteer first responder, it has always been my intent to help others without question or expectation. This generous assistance would not only allow me to continue to serve my community in that way, but it would also give my children a wonderful example to follow. I would like them to know that goodness in the world does still exist even during the darker times.

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