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I'm a Musician & Worship Leader, & After an Unexpected Expense, I Need Help Keeping My Car!

My Story:

I am a single, hardworking, and self-employed woman going through a short-term hardship due to the pandemic wiping away my savings, a recent bout of illness that kept me out of work, and a major, unexpected expense. I am a professional musician, praise/worship leader, and booking agent. I work all the time but with summer approaching, gas prices rising, and with the cost of living in Arizona rising, the gig work that I do has slowed down to a halt. Even when I can seem to get enough work, I'm still barely making ends meet and am living on a strict budget. Because I live paycheck to paycheck, missing even a week of work means that I fall behind.

Recently, I became very sick and missed a couple of weeks of work, and then I also had some unexpected expenses to deal with. After getting over my illness, I had to pay hundreds of dollars to have my car's registration renewed. I knew there would be some expense involved with that, but I had no idea it would be as expensive as it was. Like I said earlier, even when I am working, I live on a very strict budget. So, without having worked for a few weeks and after having to pay the registration renewal fee for my vehicle, I wasn't able to afford my car payment and need help.

Defaulting on my vehicle loan would destroy my credit, and it would also put me dangerously close to having my vehicle repossessed. However, without help, I have little choice but to default on that loan in order to pay my other bills like rent and utilities. In order to keep my only vehicle, I'm very humbly seeking assistance with catching up on my car payment. I would be very appreciative for the support that I receive, and I promise I will find a way to pay this forward to another individual in need.

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