Paid 06/12/2022
Self-Sufficiency Grant
Temporary Loss of Income
Urgent Dental Care

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeThank you so much for your generous donations and allowing me the ability to not only get my son the care he needs, but also caring for my entire family with the money we were able to direct towards food and rent. I had began to lose hope in humanity due to other issues going on, but your compassion and contributions has given me a more positive outlook. I hope to positively impact others as much as you have impacted me and my life. Thank you so much.

My Toddler Needs Urgent Dental Surgery! Please Help!

My Story:

I'm a married mother of two girls and two boys, ages 13, 11, 6, and 2 years old. My husband is a stay-at-home parent and is also a full-time student. I'm a full-time pharmacy technician, and I work hard to provide for my family. We often struggle financially because we live paycheck to paycheck, but I would say that we're a happy family, and we love to spend time together.

The biggest pitfall that we're facing in regard to our finances is due to medical issues my son has been having. My youngest son injured his tooth and surrounding gum area, and it needs to come out as it is beginning to rot in his mouth. While I have health insurance through my job, it doesn't cover everything, and the dental insurance is especially weak. On top of the dental surgery that our son needs, we're also between homes right now due to some unforeseen circumstances. We're living with a family member right now, and we're trying to save up to find a new home, but we can't afford to do that while also trying to cover my son's dental surgery.

I'm humbly seeking assistance with affording my son's dental surgery. Without assistance, we won't be able to cover the cost of his surgery while also trying to save for a home. My family is struggling right now, and we need to find a place where we can live permanently. On the other hand, our son really needs this surgery, so we're going to get it done regardless of everything else. We're stuck in a difficult situation but having assistance with my son's surgery would be huge for us, and we'll be able to get back into a home of our own again. Thank you all in advance for this generous assistance, and once my family has found a new home, we will do our best to repay the generosity we're shown.

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Application Status Update: On 2022-06-22, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $564.72 to Simply Kids Dental PLLC on behalf of this deserving individual.