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I'm Struggling to Work Due to Long COVID. Please Help Me Keep My Home!

My Story:

I'm a single woman, and even though I live by myself, I have my two cats to keep me company. I would say that most of my life is dedicated to my career and to my full-time job. I work as a registered behavioral therapist, and I assist children on the autism spectrum by providing direct, one on one assistance to them daily. Truly, I love my job, and it means so much to me to be able to better the lives of my patients and their families.

Lately, I have struggled to work consistently because I have been dealing with long-term difficulties from COVID. After I initially got over the virus, I started to struggle with some long-term symptoms. Those long-term complications led to me requesting an ADA accommodation from my employer. After I made the request, I had to take an unpaid medical leave of absence because my doctor recommended that I be on light duty. I was told that I could return to work, but I was denied the accommodations I had requested, so I went back to my doctor to get cleared to return to work. They told me it was fine for me to return, but my employer does not want me to return sooner, and now I'm afraid they are going to fire me. All in all, I haven't worked in two whole months, and I've fallen behind on my rent as a result.

I still don't have a timetable for when I can return to work, and I'm afraid that I'm going to be forced to leave my home before I can go back. I'm humbly asking for assistance with my rent so that I can focus on working with my employer to return to work as soon as possible. I want to get back to helping the children who need me, and if I lose my home, I won't be able to do that. Thank you all in advance for this assistance, and I promise that I will continue to work hard to repay your kindness by fighting for my patients each and every day.

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