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After Pneumonia Nearly Cost Me My Life, I Need Help Moving Home to Be Closer to Family!

My Story:

I'm a 64-year-old widow, and I've been living in the same home for almost 14 years, and before 2021, I had worked at the same job for 8 years. In November of 2021, I nearly lost my life after becoming extremely ill. I had bacterial pneumonia and sepsis, but by the grace of God and the care of my coworkers, I survived. One of my coworkers came to my house to check on me, and then called the ambulance when I was unresponsive. My doctor told me that I was within about an hour of dying. Still, I managed to push through it all, and on January 25th of this year, I returned to work.

Still by the time I was able to return to work, I had to leave my apartment because I couldn't afford my rent. Since then, I've moved into the hotel that I work at, and then after that I moved in with a coworker. This is a temporary situation, as I have decided to move home to Tennessee to be closer to my family. However, I'm having a difficult time of getting enough together to move. I've applied for social security, but I haven't received a determination yet. Also, I'm still only able to work part-time while I recover, so that's also affecting my income currently. It's going to take me a long time to fully recover but being with my family and having their support will make that process much easier. With that said, I'm very humbly asking for assistance with renting a U-Haul so that I can move home.

This generous assistance will give me a chance to move home, and more importantly, to heal. I'll be looking for part-time work when I get there, and I'll be able to live on Social Security as well. The most important thing for me right now is to focus on my health and being with my family. However, once I've recovered, I promise to focus on paying the generosity and kindness I've been shown forward to someone else in need.

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