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I Couldn't Work During COVID & After Some Unexpected Expenses, I Need Help with My Rent Please!

My Story:

I'm a single 61-year-old woman, and I live alone with my cat who is a great companion. When I'm not working, I enjoy going to the beach for walks or working on crafts. As far as work goes, in the past few years I have worked as a gig worker, a caretaker, and most recently, I've been working for a temp agency at a print shop. Before the pandemic, I was mostly doing gig work and caretaking because I'm in need of a knee replacement and can't be on my feet for long periods of time, and both of those jobs allowed me to stay off my feet for the most part. However, when the pandemic began, I decided it wasn't safe to keep doing the gig work I was doing, and shortly after, my client passed away, so I wasn't able to do my caretaking work anymore. Since then, I've struggled financially and am now facing homelessness.

Because of the knee replacement surgery that I need and the pain associated with my condition, I'm unable to work jobs where I have to be on my feet a lot. So, I haven't been able to work as many hours at the print shop as I would like. On top of that, I do only earn minimum wage at my job, and as a result, I live almost entirely paycheck to paycheck. In the last few months, I've experienced several significant unexpected expenses that have put me in a difficult spot financially. First, I had to have some major dental work done, and I had to pay for a lot of that procedure out of pocket. Then, I had to replace the tires on my vehicle so that I could continue to drive it safely. As a result, I fell behind on my rent, and now I need help if I'm going to be able to keep my home.

I have tried to remain proactive in regard to my financial situation, but it's been difficult to find the assistance that I need to weather this short-term hardship. I haven't been able to find help locally, but I still have hope that I can get the support that I need to remain in my home. This would do so much to help get me back on my feet, and I even mean that literally, as it would stabilize my finances enough for me to afford knee replacement surgery. With that said, I would be deeply grateful and humbled to receive this assistance with keeping my home.

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