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Military Veteran
Imminent Loss of Housing
Misc. Expense

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This person has left the following thank you note:

Thank you so much! I am beyond grateful. This will be life changing for me. This means so much to me, because I was down for a long time. I know it�s not easy to donate and I�m forever thankful for your donation. This will help me keep a roof over my head. Thank you so much this is one of the greatest things someone has done for me.

I'm a Veteran Struggling to Keep My Home. I've Been Homeless Before & Need Help Avoiding it Again!

My Story:

I'm a disabled veteran, and I'm living on my own after I got divorced last May. Right around the time of the divorce, I also lost my job, and I even ended up becoming homeless for about four months. I had to leave my home because of the divorce, and then losing my job almost immediately after that due to the pandemic made it almost impossible to find a new one. Still, I fought hard and got back on my feet, and even though I'm still searching for work, I've managed to find a new apartment.

After finding a new home, I've been searching for work and pursuing my education. I returned to school to get my bachelor's degree, and I'm hoping to continue to pursue my education once I start working again. Even though my life is starting to get back on track after my divorce and the pandemic, I'm in danger of having it derailed again due to some unexpected expenses. Shortly after I moved into my apartment, my car began to have trouble, and it needed repairs. I was able to budget for this for the most part, but I had to use most of my savings in order to do that. Then, right after those repairs were complete, my mother was diagnosed with chronic heart failure, and I've been helping her afford the medication that she needs so she can stay relatively healthy. As a result of those expenses, I'm going to come up short on my rent and that I'll be evicted as a result. I'm terrified of becoming homeless again, so I'm very humbly asking for assistance with keeping up with my rent.

I've worked so hard and have come a long way since becoming homeless, and I'm worried that if I fall behind and am evicted, all of the progress I've made will be wiped out. On top of that, my job search will be put on hold again, and I'll be forced to drop out of school. I had to put my life on hold after getting divorced and losing my job, and I'm not sure how I could keep pushing ahead if I have to put everything on hold again. With that said, I would be touched to receive this assistance, and I would be deeply appreciative of the support that I receive in regard to paying my rent. I will never forget the kindness I'm shown, and I will do my best to always remember to pay it forward.

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