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If I Lose My Home, I'll Have to Drop Out of School! Please Help!

My Story:

I'm a single student, and I'm currently taking classes in childhood education. I really enjoy my courses, and I'm looking forward to finding a job teaching once I graduate. I would definitely say that I have a passion for education, and I'm really looking forward to teaching in my community. I was working full-time to put myself through school until October of 2021, and I try to live as frugally as possible so that I can afford my education.

Like I said, I was working until recently, but I lost a lot of hours when the pandemic picked back up again, and now, I'm out of my job entirely. I haven't been able to secure unemployment benefits either, so I have almost nothing coming in right now. My biggest fear is that I'm going to lose my home because I can't afford my rent and haven't been able to for about two months. I've been served with a pay or quit notice, and I desperately need help catching up on my rent.

Simply put, if I lose my home, I'll have to drop out of school for the foreseeable future. I'm so close to finishing my degree and finding a job in a field that I'm extremely passionate about. So, I'm very humbly asking for assistance with my rent. I'll be able to continue my schooling, get my degree, and then work hard to serve my community. I will never forget the people who allow me to do that, and I want to say 'thank you' to everyone who lends me a hand with keeping my home in advance.

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