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Temporary Loss of Income

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeTo everyone who contributed, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have no idea how this is going to change the lives of myself and my two daughters. I feel beyond blessed and humbled by this experience and blown away by the generosity of others. I can't even begin to express the gratitude I have for everyone who helped to make this possible for me and my family helping us to get through this dark time and see that there is hope. I believe if you put good out into the world, it has a way of coming back to you. I will definitely pay it forward in the future. Again, a huge thank you to everyone and may God bless you all.

I've Been Out of Work & My Job Won't Allow Me to Return Yet, So I Need Help Keeping Our Home!

My Story:

I am a proud single parent to two beautiful girls (ages ten and eight). I have primary custody of them after divorcing their father, and they reside with me full-time. For the past 13 years, I have enjoyed working as a probation officer, and my job has given me the flexibility to be involved in my children's lives at school events and extracurricular activities while also providing financial stability for our household. Both my children play sports, and I coach for their softball teams during the spring. We enjoy spending time together as a family, being outdoors, and playing with our two pet rabbits, Nibbles and Princess.

I have been fortunate to make ends meet and provide for my children with my job; however, a medical situation beyond my control has left me unable to work at my job for the past 21 months. Although I have not physically worked in 21 months, I remain employed at my job as a probation officer. My employer is not allowing me to return to work and has now placed me on an unpaid leave Before that, I have been on and off of paid leave combined with my annual leave hours, donated annual leave hours, and State Disability Insurance (SDI) since March of 2020. I was scheduled to have a medical appointment to be cleared to return to my position at work on 12/16/2021 (even though my doctor cleared me to return to work 06/01/2021), but my employer rescheduled it to 01/04/2022. I have exhausted all of the financial resources available to me, and I have applied for countless jobs to try to get me by until I am allowed to return to my job, but I have not had any job offers. I also applied for unemployment but have not received any money from them and was told that they are seven months behind in processing claims. I am also in a bind because I do not have anyone to watch the children when they are not in school, and I cannot afford childcare at the moment. Last week I started making deliveries using the Uber platform, but that hasn't been enough to keep up with our rent, and I'm now behind by about a month.

With my family facing imminent eviction, I'm humbly asking for assistance with our rent. Without anywhere to go if we become homeless, my children and I would have to take to sleeping in our car, an unthinkable option for my children and I. However, with this help, I'll be able to get back to current with our rent and can continue to get us by while working doing delivery jobs until I can return to work. I would be very thankful for this assistance and one day, when I am in a better spot financially and am able to, I will pay it forward. This situation has been a teaching moment for my children, who will see the message that the kindness you put out into the world has a way of coming back to you.

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Application Status Update: On 2022-01-19, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $875.00 to Jackson Park Place on behalf of this deserving individual.