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After Welcoming Our Grandaughter, We Need Help Expanding Our Home to Give Her the Space She Needs!

My Story:

I am a grandmother, a mother, and a wife. My husband and I own a four-bedroom ranch that my whole family lives on. Before this past year, our household consisted of me, my husband, our daughter, her husband, and their three boys, ages 11, 4, and 1 year(s) old. Then, in February, my other pregnant daughter moved in, and in April, my son-in-law regained custody of his 9-year-old daughter. In just under a year, our already large household doubled in size!

All of the adults in our home have jobs, but my husband is on social-security disability due to having had two recent back surgeries. We're able to afford our normal, month-to-month expenses, but our budget has been strained by the increased number of people living with us. Now, we're facing a real predicament and we don't have the combined income to deal with it in a timely manner. My daughter has recently given birth to her little one, a beautiful girl! However, with the addition of our youngest granddaughter, we're in need of more space, another bedroom to be exact, and we don't have the means to afford to expand. We have a large room that we can divide into extra bedrooms, but we don't have the budget to make something like that work along with our monthly expenses. So, I'm humbly asking for assistance with purchasing the building materials that we need to make this project happen.

This assistance will allow us to add another room for my daughter and her granddaughter to have to themselves, which will greatly improve the happiness of everyone in our home, but more importantly, it will improve the health of my granddaughter. It's important that she have her own space to sleep and grow without the constant noise or tension of our household. This generous assistance would have a very positive, long-term impact on our household, and it would give us the opportunity to make sure our newest addition to the family is healthy and happy. For that, we would be deeply thankful and would like to do our best to pay your generosity and kindness forward to another family in need.

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