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Our Van Broke Down & I'm Between Jobs. We Need Help Keeping Our Heat & hot Water on in the Meantime!

My Story:

I am a married father of six amazing children. The oldest two are living with their own families including our three grandchildren. Our 18-year-old daughter is a senior in high school who loves art and video games, and our 16-year-old daughter also loves art, but she also loves to bake and cook. My 9-year-old daughter is very energetic, and she loves playing with the family dogs and anything that utilizes her amazing imagination. Our youngest son is 5 years old, and he is full of energy and loves to play with cars and dinosaurs. He is severely Autistic and non-verbal but has been making progress thanks to therapy. I work full-time and am currently in the process of switching from working for a non-profit agency providing educational services to beginning employment at a local university assisting students with disabilities. My wife stays at home full-time due to the extensive needs of our children.

We typically live paycheck to paycheck, but we make it work. Recently, we had to spend a significant amount of money making repairs to our van, and there are still a number of repairs that need to be completed, but it is at least running again. However, now our quarterly utility bills are due and because we paid for the repairs to our van, we can't afford those bills. We're facing an imminent shut-off unless we get help with these bills, so I'm very humbly seeking assistance with our water and electric bills for this quarter.

I'm just about to begin my new job, and that should put us in a better position financially; however, until then we need help if we're going to keep our power and water on. This would be a huge weight off of our shoulder's, but more importantly, it would keep us from losing our hot water and heating during the middle of winter. I'm primarily concerned with the safety of my family should our utilities be shut-off, but this assistance would alleviate those fears until I can begin my new job. On behalf of my family, I would like to thank everyone who lends us a hand with these two bills for your kindness and generosity. We will never forget this.

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