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I Lost My Job to COVID & After Someone Smashed My Car Window, I Need Help Keeping it on the Road!

My Story:

I live in San Francisco, California with a man's true best friend, my French Bulldog named Lucille. I spend all my time with her and love taking her all around the city with me. I have my degree in Culinary Arts so cooking is something I truly love to do, and I also spend a lot of time painting, drawing, or doing any type of art that I can. Art is my true passion, and it is something I spend most of my free time doing.

Unfortunately, at the start of COVID I was laid-off from my job until further notice. After losing my job and my primary source of income, I have struggled to make ends meet and although it has been tough, I have managed, at least until now. This past October, someone decided to randomly break into several cars in my neighborhood, and unfortunately, they chose to break into mine. They busted the window, but that's about all they did. Still, the only choice I had was to get my window repaired, and the cost of doing that was very high. Without any income right now, it's even more difficult to deal with the cost of repairing my window. As a result of this situation, I've fallen behind on my car note, and I won't be able to catch up before it's repossessed.

I'm humbly asking for assistance with my car note because I'm really terrified that it could be repossessed any day now. Without my car, I won't be able to look for work or get to and from work when I'm able to find a job or go back to my old one if it ever reopens. This would be a huge boost of positive energy to me, and it would give me a chance to keep going and get back on my feet so that one day, I can pay this generosity forward. Thank you in advance for this assistance, and I promise to never forget it.

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